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Divelshul 1

Please note that prices, square meters and photos are indicative and can vary

The entire building was renovated in 1996 and consists of a basement, ground floor. 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. All the flats are individually designed.

The type 12 flats comes with an additional 5 m2 bed-loft (hems)
Shared facilities: Cycle room and laundry in the basement.
Decor: The inner walls of the ground floor, kitchen and entrance halls have painted embossed-wallpaper. The floor covering is vinyl and the ceilings have painted plaster tiles or similar.
Bathroom: The floor and the shower are in vinyl. The toilet and wash basin are in white enamel. There is a mirror, bathroom lamp, shower-curtain rail and towel rail.
Kitchen:  Two cooking rings, sink and refrigerator: The fitting are in beech wood. There is an air extractor connected to the automatic ventilation system.

Storeroom: Each flat has the use of a little storeroom in the attic.

Buses: There is a bus stop right outside the front entrance.

Further information: All flats are connected to a shared TV aerial (antenna) and have a telephone socket.

Electricity: You have to sign up for electricity yourself, when you move into a flat.

Furnishing: The flats are not furnished. Click on this link to see a map of several second hand shops in Kolding.

Refurbishment: The apartment is not refurbished, but paint can be picked up at the Service Center if you wish to paint the apartment yourself.

Kolding Åpark 8A, 4.
6000 Kolding
Tlf. 73708180