Mon, 07/15/2019 - 12:10

Hørparken 7 (Hørgården)

The property consists of a 3 storey house and basement with 20 accommodations. There is beside the flats kitchen also a joint kitchen on every floor. 
Decor: Plastered facades, painted in a light sand colour. The floors have a solid parquet covering. There is curved roof construction covered with roof cardboard.
Bathroom: The walls in the shower are tile covered. There is clink floor with a small step down at the shower.
Kitchen: Refrigerator with freezing compartment and extractor hood.

Further information: All flats have a telephone-, EDB- and TV aerial socket in the rooms. Gate telephone on a stand by the front door with a card reader and keyboard.

Electricity: You have to sign up for electricity yourself, when you move into a flat.

Furnishing: The flats are not furnished. Click on this link to see a map of several second hand shops in Kolding.

Attn.: When moving into a studentflat in Hørparken, you must pay both the deposit and one month's rent in advance.

Familiebolig A/S
Phone 64433382