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Kolding Åpark 18A (Campus II)

Kolding Åpark
The flats vary in size and prize. The pictures are examples of the style of the flats. 

Shared facilities: The tenants have access to a shared room and laundry facilities. Bicycle parking is available and there are parking spaces in Kolding Åpark 18.
Decor: The floor in the entrance and rooms are made of robust laminate and the ceiling are white painted concrete elements. All walls are white painted concrete walls or plasterboard walls.
Bathroom: All the student flats have their own shower and toilet. Floor and walls in the shower are made with light colored tiles.
Kitchen: The kitchen has a refrigerator with a built-in freezer and a ceramic glass cooktop.
Further information:  NOTE!
Heating and water aconto are charged directly by the supplier and not by Alfabo.
Storage space: All the student flats have a storage room of their own.

Electricity: You have to sign up for electricity yourself, when you move into a flat.

Furnishing:  The flats are not furnished. Click on this link to see a map of several second hand shops in Kolding.

Click here for a brochure about the flats (the brochure is only available in Danish).

Kolding Åpark 8A, 4.
6000 Kolding
Tlf. 73708180